Time-lapse shots are not always made at the environmentally most pleasant of places.
We build this dolly rig for use on expeditions to most extreme of place: fire & ice. No metal parts that can corrode in volcanic vapors or where your fingers can get stuck on at -30°C.
Modular, lightweight segments - you take with you what you need or divide it between all members of your expedition.

Technical data

Frame: Carbon fibre tubes & honeycomb polypropylene
Controller: Embedded RISC microcontroller with display
Head: 2-axis pan and pitch
Power supply: 12V DC external
Weight rail segment: 1.1kg
Weight dolly with controller: 1.1kg


Every unit is hand-made to the specifications of its customer. Just drop us a note and we will contact you shortly to discuss your special requirements.

The following optional extras are available:
  • External power supply
  • External battery kit with charger
  • 2m rail segments
Should you need a feature not listed here feel free to ask for it...