Sparks are typically produced on-set by pyrotechnical devices or akward constructions requiring technicians holding pieces of steel against rotating grinding discs.
Pyrotechnical devices tend to 'run' after ignited and grinders are not very precise regarding the effect produced and make a lot of noise. Also both methods are unsafe - for the operator and the actors.

An electric spark generator circumvents these problems. It stops at any time when you want it to, it's quiet, it produces consistent results, it never throws sparks where you don't want them and it's consumables cost 1/100th compared to pyrotechnics.

Technical data

Frame: Flight case
Controller: Custom designed single-board discrete electronics
Consumables Up to 600l of air & 150gm of iron
Power supply: Either external high-capacity lead batteries or 3-phase, 16A power supply 96-250V AC
Duty cycle: 5 minutes continous use
Operator control: 10m cable remote
Weight: 35kg full loaded with internal power supply, 20kg empty


Every unit is hand-made to the specifications of its customer. Just drop us a note and we will contact you shortly to discuss your special requirements.

The following optional extras are available:
  • External power supply "PyroSparc 200e"
  • Internal power supply "PowerSparc 200i"
  • Dual power option "PyroSparc 200i/e"
  • Active cooling kit
  • DMX remote control
  • Wireless remote control
  • External battery kit with charger
Should you need a feature not listed here feel free to ask for it...

Frequently asked questions

How quick can it be set up?
Mounting the spark-head takes around ten minutes, but the unit can also be moved/transported with the head attached.

Is it safe to use on body parts or around flameable material?
No. Even on lowest setting, there will always be the possibility that a bigger spark will be produced that can burn or ignite. For body shots, involve a stunt team and let them assess the risk.

What is the maximum distance it can throw sparks?
That depends on your air supply. With 10bar sparks will fly all the way up to 25m. The unit itself is rated for up to 15bar.

What does 'duty cycle' mean?
The spark-head uses hundreds of amperes of electrical current to produce molten drops of iron. More power means more heat is generated and depending on the ambient conditions the head will heat up more or less quickly. If it becomes too hot to touch, power down.

Can I touch the head or will I receive an electric shock?
If it's not hot due to use, you can touch it without the risk of an electric shock. The voltage being used is very low.